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Silver The Hedgehog

Uploaded by Soul Taker - 14th June 2012
Author Author Mario/sonicfan13(Also known as pokechao on youtube)
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Silver The Hedgehog By Mario/sonicfan13(Also known as pokechao on youtube)
I worked quite a while on this character. If you want to host this creation on your website,email me at kkernan@hotmail.com
also there is 2 versions a chibi and non-chibi version of this character.
To use the non-chibi version Copy and paste this into your select.def file: Silver2/Silver2Big.def

a- silver chop
b-silver kick
c-silver B kick
x-projectile attack
z-silver magic
a,or b, or c(in midair)-silver eagle
->+c-chaos nightmare
<-+c-Chaos upper
->+c if pressed after chaos nightmare hits an enemy, silver will do a quick midair jump toward the hit enemy and you can follow up with silver eagle.
up(in midair)-homing attack
hold down start to slowly regernate health and slowly fill up your power bar.
lvl3 Down,-->,Down,-->,z- Telekinitic dragon
lvl3 Down,-->,Down,-->,a-spin dash
lvl3 down,<--,a+b-chaos control
lvl3 x(in midair)-silver flaming eagle.
lvl2 y-blaze helper
lvl2 y(in midair)-thunder
lvl2 D,->,x-super silver mode.

super silver's movelist:
a - super silver punch
b-super silver 2 punch
c- super silver 3 punch
x- spike projectiles
y- super chaos upper
z-super chaos nightmare.
lvl2 start-huge energy beam.




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